Previous Winners

The winner of the first DLR Competition with the theme of Spring was Mike Fiveson with his picture ‘Spring Meadow’

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michael-fiveson50px Spacer
The runner-up was Camilla Lee with Snowdrops camilla-lee-fr50px Spacer

The winner of the second DLR Competition ‘Movement and Motion was Helen Cherry with her picture ‘Steaming Round the Bend’

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The runners up were Hang Time by Gracie Binoya

hang-time-gracie-binoya-fr50px Spacer

Woven Water by Andy Hooker

woven-water-andy-hooker-frSpacerThe winner of the third DLR competition with the theme of Still life was Sorin Ifrim with his picture Absence

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Absence by Sorin Ifrim

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In second place Blazing by Anna Lordi

Blazing by Anna Lordi

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In third place Delicious Peas by Helen Boulton

Delicious Peas by Helen BoultonSpacerThe winner of the fourth DLR Urban Landscape Competition was Lee Wright with his picture ‘A Wet Dark Night’

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A Wet Dark Night


The Winner of the fifth DLR competition ‘Lead-in Lines’ was Al Makies with her picture ‘Park Lookout’

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Park Lookout


The Winner of the Sixth DLR competition ‘Shades of Autumn  was James Siatczynski with his picture ‘Okemos Fall’

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37  Okemos Fall f



6 responses to “Previous Winners

  1. wow…what brilliant images…congrats to all the winners..

  2. Hello. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my buttercup. I like the ‘urban landscape’ theme; I’ll try to enter something. I also like the ‘nothing over-photoshopped’ rule. Inspirational images among these previous winners.

  3. Lee

    When are you going to post last months winner in the previous winners section?

  4. Wow so so beautiful what great art work in photo’s.

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