The 9th Digital Lightroom Photography Competition – Blowing in the wind

We are happy to once again welcome Otto Von Munchow to the DLR.  We asked Otto to devise a theme for the 9th DLR photography Competition and to judge it for us.  Otto is a photographer, teacher, all round good guy and keen supporter of the photographic community here at WordPress.

The prize for the winning photograph is Topaz Labs’ Complete Collection.  A superb suite of professional processing tools.

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The closing date for the competition is the 31st January 2015 so plenty of time over the holidays to give this interesting theme some careful thought and to get out there taking pictures.  You can view the rules of the competition here! The best of luck!


The theme for this competition is «Blowing in the wind». I have chosen this theme because it is completely open – it may be interpreted in many different ways. Yet, it’s narrowing down the photographic approach. This is important for me in my own way of shooting. I believe limitation is a way to encourage creativity. It may sound contradictory. But think about it just a minute. As strange as it may sound, if you really want to free your creative mind, you better set limitations for it. It’s like musicians in a band; the rhythm and the beat are limiting each member of the band, but it also creates space for each of them to improvise. Restraints are good for the creative process. Instead of limiting our creativity as one would think in the first place, it actually forces our imagination to become even more playful, to be more inventive, and in a way burst through those constraints we set for ourselves.

Thus for me «Blowing in the wind» is an open theme, but yet encourages some deliberate consideration from participating photographers. The theme can be expressed literally or it can be seen in a more intangible way as a metaphor for some deeper emotional manifestation. I know it’s not necessarily an open and easy theme, but as just explained I strongly believe that restraining the process leads to more creative results. So I encourage the participants to work with the theme and be open to interpretations that might appear before them. Let go and seek into the process. As I said the theme may be interpreted quite literally for instance by photographing wind in leaves or a rough sea or maybe even a kite sent up by some kids. But why not try a more abstract and conceptual approach. The theme could represent loss; it could represent the opposite, which is hope. It could also be a way of expressing challenges or even travels.

With this much said; I look forward to seeing your photos «Blowing in the wind».
Otto von Münchow


Dandelion – Adrian Theze ARPS

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