Competition Rules


The competition theme will be announced on the site one week in advance of the first submission date.  The theme can be interpreted in any way by entrants but there will be no facility to submit any narrative.  The panel will therefore only judge the image on its relevance to the theme.  A good image will meet the theme without the need for any explantion.


All submissions must be by e-mail to and comply with the following requirements:-

  • Images must be in jpeg format and preferably no larger than 1000px in width or height.
  • Images should be unframed.
  • All parts of the photo must be the work of the photographer submitting the picture.
  • The file name of your image should be your name and the title of your pictue e.g. Bob Jones – Woodland Scene.jpg.
  • You must add Photo Submission to the subject field of your email and the competition theme should form the first line in the body of the email.  Please include the title of your picture, your name and your blog/website address if you have one.
  • If you wish to supply camera model, lens, aperture and exposure data please put this in the body of the e-mail.
  • You can enter up to three images.
  • The competition is aimed at the digital photographer, rather than digital artist or graphic designer  and whilst post capture processing is expected in the case of RAW files, excessive / unnecessary or unrealistic ‘Photoshopping’ of an image is not permitted.
  • If a photograph makes the shortlist, the photographer will be contacted and asked to provide a full resolution copy of their image. They may also be required to provide the RAW or unprocessed jpeg file.
  • The shortlist will be posted anonymously to ensure, as far as we are able, that it is the picture, and not the personality, that is judged.

Receipt of a submission will be acknowledged by e-mail.

Updates, stage results and any other information about the competition applicable to all entrants will be communicated via  blog posts on

Judging stages and timetable

STAGE 1 – All images received by the submission date will be reviewed by the panel of judges and given an initial score.  Complete by four weeks from submission date.

STAGE 2 – The 10 top scoring images from stage 1 will be published on the blog.  People will then have the opportunity to vote for their favourite image.  First, second and third place in the competition will be awarded according to the votes cast.

ANNOUNCEMENT – the winners will be notified by email and the winning images will be published on the blog.


The image will be published on the digitallightroom but will not be used for any other purposes without the express permission of the copyright holder.  Copyright remains with the photographer.

Winners of the competition may be asked to guest post for the Digital Lightroom and may also be invited by our sponsors, Topaz Labs, to have their work published on their website and Facebook page.

Entrants will be enthusiastic and keen photographers looking to showcase their work and gain recognition from their peer group and the wider audience attracted to the blog.  The panel will provide constructive feedback for all images reaching the shortlist.  We’re not interested in the equipment you own but your eye for a photograph so we very much welcome photographs from everyone regardless of level of experience or camera equipment used.

The Digital Lightroom reserves the right to alter the rules, timetable and judging panel of the competition without notice.

27 responses to “Competition Rules

  1. What a fantastic idea! Good job to the organizer(s) and good luck to the participants…..

  2. Quick question, how many images are we allowed to submit?

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  7. Hi Guys,
    is it possible already published photos, submit to the competition?
    Regards Susanne

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  12. Where is the instructions for submitting entries? I see the “guidelines” but not “how-to-enter”…
    I have never entered your competition before.

  13. Never mind… found it.

  14. What a great Idea I hope to join this. I am not so good at photos’ but want to learn.

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  16. Hi. Since it is sponsored by Topaz is use of their filters allowed?

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  18. Is HDR developing considered excessive? I shoot almost all my photos in triplicate and merge using HDR for development.

  19. Please need to know, whtas the dead line? And how about the prizes? Thanks!

  20. Ron

    The majority of the HDR photos I have seen are indeed ‘unrealistic.’ AKA “Let’s move the sliders a little more to the right and see how that looks…”. By allowing HDR to be used in this competition how are you going to judge what is realistic and what is not?

  21. James

    Can i enter an image that is from a film negative, but processed digitally

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