The Winner of the DLR ‘Capture the Light’ Competition..

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This has been an exceptionally good competition, the standard extremely high, reflected by the fact that just one vote separated the winner from the next most voted for photograph with just a handful of votes separating that photograph from the next in line.  A very close call but, we do have a winner and I’m very pleased to announce that Larry Dao with his photograph ‘A Working Day’ has won the DLR ‘Capture The Light’ competition and will receive Topaz Labs Complete Collection.

This photograph embodies the ‘Capture the Light’ theme beautifully.  It’s of a very high standard technically, as would be expected.  While balancing a challenging exposure the photograph is pin sharp with detail in both highlight and shadow but it’s more than that.  The photograph tells a story.  It’s a story that we are likely unable to relate to directly but in the split second that the sensor in Larry’s camera was exposed to light, a moment was captured that tells us exactly what this man’s working day is all about.  From the dirt on his clothes to the sheen of sweat, reflecting light from that single shaft of daylight, on the man’s face and arms, we get a real feel for the difficult and challenging conditions in which this man works, day after day.  A superb photograph and a very worthy winner.

Our congratulations to Larry and our commiserations to the other shortlisted entrants.  This has been an extraordinarily rewarding competition to be involved with and I can’t wait for the next round.  We have an excellent theme coming up and news about a special guest judge so watch this space..

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Working Day by Larry Dao

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Click on any of the thumbnails below to open a gallery showing the names of the shortlisted photographers with their photographs.

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50px SpacerOur thanks to everyone who entered the competition and our special thanks to Topaz labs for sponsoring us and providing such an excellent prize.

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10 responses to “The Winner of the DLR ‘Capture the Light’ Competition..

  1. Congratulations, indeed. Excellent photograph, and I say that without taking anything away from the other offerings.

    For me, this was a case where the winner was especially suited to the theme of the competition.

    . . . but I will be checking out the blogs of the other entrants as well.

  2. Reblogged this on adrian pym photography and commented:
    A worthy winner……

  3. An absolutely awesome gallery!

  4. Hmm . . . Am I missing something? I click on the photos, and I get the names, but no link to their sites. I tried Googling a few, but I’ve not had any luck getting to any of their portfolios or sites.

    Just wondering.

  5. My vote too. Worthy winner. MM 🍀

  6. Congratulations to the winner, well deserved. All beautiful entries though!

  7. Jim McDonagh

    Fantastic winner. Kudos to Larry for such a skilled capture. Congratulations to the other shortlisted photographers too, all wonderful photographs. Thank you to The Digital Lightroom for running the competition and Topaz Labs for supporting.

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