The Polls are open..

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The 7th Digital Lightroom Photography Competition is drawing to a close.  It’s now just down to you to vote for your favourite image. The task of choosing just one of the photographs shortlisted is, of course, not going to be easy but if we’re to find a winner, it has to be done.  The voting will close on Friday and we’ll be announcing our winner next Saturday, 27th March. Here are the images again with the voting slip at the bottom of the page.

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A Working Day

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A Worked DaySpacerAurora Star Trails

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Aurora Star TrailsSpacerBuffalo Morning

50px SpacerBuffalo MorningSpacer

Grassheads in Winter Light

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Grassheads in winter lightSpacerJust Call me Bubbles

50px SpacerJust Call Me Bubbles 5SpacerLightning at Sea

50px SpacerSONY DSCSpacerCasting Net

50px SpacerCasting NetSpacerOld Road

50px SpacerOld RoadSpacerDouble Rainbow Plus

50px SpacerDouble Rainbow PlusSpacerBagan Novice

50px SpacerO Bagan NoviceSpacer

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15 responses to “The Polls are open..

  1. I had to keep in mind the contest was about light, and that brought it down between three photos; working day, double rainbow, and Bagan Novice as presenting what to me seemed the most difficult lighting challenges.

    Don’t get me wrong; I would have been proud to call any of those photos my own, but I’m trying to judge in part based on the difficulty of shooting a given scene (imagined difficulty; I was not there), and in part with the awareness of the post-processing tools available to us avid photographers.

    Given my own photographic experiences, I had to go with the Working Day as having the more diverse and numerous lighting challenges, and in meeting them with great results. The fact it’s also a human interest story (that does not look anything like my day at the office) is just a bonus.

    Let me also say how impressed I am with the level of competition, and I congratulate all finalists for their outstanding work.

    • Mrs. P

      Ditto on your comments, except I chose Bagan Novice as my final. I cannot wait to see the results!

    • Thomas

      The lights in A Working Day came from four sources: a natural light from above, bouncing to the worker, the light from the fire, bouncing underneath his arms. The combination was just awesome! I eanted this picture in my house.

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    And now all we have to do is vote..

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    Please vote for one of these fantastic images

  4. Emilio Pasquale

    The level of talent is just awe-inspiring, and a bit daunting. One day I hope to be as good! Thank you for presenting these images to us.

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  6. It has to be ‘Working day’ for me. This photo is so powerful and portays the theme superbly. It could not have been easy to expose for such a mix of different light forms; even captured the sweat on the workers arm. Stunning image. Well done and good luck to the other worthy contenders.

  7. The level of this competition is so high, all pictures are amazing!! It was really hard to pick just one.. 🙂

  8. All of the images are incredible. This was a tough one.

  9. Nina

    I wondered how hot was it to work in the environment liked in the A Working Day picture. I feel blessing to work in an office with air conditioning and everything else. The pic has a lot of meaning to me.

  10. Peter Brown

    A Working Day did not only meet the requirements but also told a story about real life. Thank you for such amazing picture.

  11. An extraordinary selection of images – such varied content.

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