The 6th DLR Photography Competition – Shades of Autumn

It’s the first day of autumn today, in the northern hemisphere at least. In astronomical terms, today marks the autumn equinox when both the day and the night will be exactly 12 hours long.

Golitha Wood I

To mark this event, the DLR team have decided to launch an autumn competition.  Closing date for entries will be the 14th December to coincide roughly with the start of winter on the 20th December.  The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

We’ve titled the competition shades of autumn and we apologise for this northern hemispheric bias.   For those in the southern hemisphere of course today is the first day of spring so perhaps a dig around in the archives will turn up an entry or two.

Helman Tor

The trees are changing and of course we’ll have the wonderful displays of colour but we’d like to see creative interpretations of the theme.  In landscape photography terms, shades of autumn might be the cool blues of an early misty morning or the wonderful warm tones and soft light as the sun begins to set at this time of year.  Then there are the silvers and greys associated with the first frosts perhaps.  The competition is about using colour to create striking images with a broad tonal range.   The photographs should celebrate the colours of the season.  You’re not of course limited to landscape photography so use your imagination. 😉

You have three months in which to think about what autumn means to you and we look forward very much to your entries. Please read the competition rules and  submission guidelines carefully before submitting you entry. Good luck!

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1290341182_topazlabs tall


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12 responses to “The 6th DLR Photography Competition – Shades of Autumn

  1. sehr sehr schön! Viele Grüße aus Berlin 🙂

  2. I love the images, Adrian…that first one is breath-taking…wow. 🙂

  3. unephotodesquejepeux

    Whaouhh Good test ! May I wil try but it’s not possible for me to read the competition rules and submission guidelines. Do you have another links ? Thanks.

  4. unephotodesquejepeux

    A reblogué ceci sur Une Photo dès que je peux and commented:
    Allez, un nouveau test photo !!!

  5. Beautiful images with some great color. 😉

  6. Especially the secound one is pretty nice 🙂 Do you remember when this shot is taken, at which time of the day?

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  8. I really love this photo, amazing colors and compo:-)

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