And the winner is…

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 5th Digital Lightroom competition on the theme of Lead In Lines.  As ever, the standard was high and it was difficult for the judges to come up with a shortlist of 10 pictures and I’m sure much harder for you to choose just one.  When the judging is done, the majority of the judges do not know the names of the photographers, only one member of the DLR team does.

The winner of the 5th Digital Lightroom competition is:

Al Mackies – Park Lookout

Park Lookout

Click on the picture to see more of Al’s work. Al wins the Topaz bundle of processing software.
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The shortlisted pictures in no particular order were..

Book Stall by Rob Howard

Bookstall50px SpacerIn a Ghost Town do Ghosts Go To Church by Melinda Green Harvey

In a ghost town do ghosts go to church

Solitude by Maralee Park Solitude

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Bridge by Lignum DracoThe Bridge50px SpacerTuscay by Sorin IfrimTuscany

50px Spacer

The Girl with the Red Hair by Angi Murray

Girl With the Red Hair..

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Silo No.5 by Pascal Tran

Silo No

Spiral by Sorin Ifrim Spiral

50px Spacer

Cold Texas Steel by Lee Wright

Cold Texas Steel50px Spacer

Click on the photographs to see more of each of the photographer’s work.

Thank you to all those who entered for making the DLR photo competitions such a success.  As every, our special thanks go to Topaz for once again providing a fabulous prize.

Tomorrow we will be launching a special competition to end the year…

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15 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Thanks to everyone that voted for my photo! It is a real honour to be voted first among such a terrific shortlist.

    • I should add that I am already a user of Topaz products and find them very useful as well as easy to use. I am looking forward to having more of them in my toolkit!

  2. Congratulations to the winner. Well deserved! And also to the short listed participants. Feels good to be in such a good company.

  3. Reblogged this on burnt embers and commented:
    Thanks to everyone that voted for my photograph. I find it amazing to be voted the winner when there were so many excellent photographs in the shortlist.

  4. perfect composition and B&W… congratulations!

  5. Congratulations to Al with a great photograph.
    Thank you to everyone who voted for ‘The Girl With the Red Hair’ I’m looking forward to my feedback from the panel 🙂

  6. Congratulations to Ehpem; that photo is certainly deserving of the win!

  7. The winner is great photograph indeed, for subject matter, composition and processing, among other qualitites. What baffles me, however, is that i fail to see the “lead in lines” that were supposed to be the theme of the contest and which are so noticeable in some of the other photographs.

  8. Congratulations to Al and indeed, to all the finalists. A worthy winner.

  9. Hi Alessandro – you raise a very good question that I debated with myself, and a photographer friend, before I submitted the photo. I would love to hear from the judges what they were thinking when they selected this photo, because in some ways it is not an obvious candidate, and I thought it the least likely for selection of the three that I submitted.

    “Do lead in lines have to lead anywhere” was the question I had in mind when selecting photos. The term in English has two spelling variants, “lead in lines” and “leading lines” which I think mean subtly different things. I decided to go with the “leading lines” version which to me means the lines have to lead the eye within the photograph, but not necessarily “in” to a fixed point.

    In making this selection I noted also that the introductory post about lead in lines ( said “Lead in lines (or leading lines) are lines, or shapes, colours or even textures that are positioned (composed) in such a way that they lead the viewer’s eye into and around the image.” The railing in my shot emphasises the “around” part of that definition, while the shadow of the railings serves the “into” part. They don’t however really lead anywhere other than through the image, which I take it is the crux of your question.

    I don’t know if my thinking is anything similar to that of the judges, and it would be nice to hear from them and other viewers about their thoughts on this matter since the purpose of the competions on this blog seems, in part, to be instructional.

    And also, thank you for all the kind things you said about the photograph – they are very much appreciated.

  10. A worthy winner indeed! Congrats to Al Mackies. 🙂

  11. Your black & white photo of the bridge with snow is absolutely stunning.

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