The Voting

These are the 10 shortlisted pictures in the DLR Lead in Lines Photography Competition once again.  The response has been brilliant.  It just gets better and better and harder and harder to choose just 10 images from all those entered.  You now have the even tougher job to choose just one image from the 10 excellent photographs listed below.

A quick note, this competition was started because we wanted to celebrate the excellent photography we see on a daily basis here at WordPress.  We didn’t want the competition to be about the blog or the blogger, a popularity contest in other words.  We want the competition to be purely about the photographs and we hope that you will vote with this ideal in mind.

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Park Lookout

Park Lookout50px Spacer

The Girl with the Red Hair

Girl With the Red Hair..50px SpacerCold Texas Steel

Cold Texas Steel50px SpacerIn a Ghost Town do Ghosts go to Church?

In a ghost town do ghosts go to church50px SpacerThe Bridge

The Bridge50px SpacerSolitude

Solitude50px SpacerSilo No.5

Silo No50px SpacerSpiral

Spiral50px Spacer50px Spacer

50px Spacer50px Spacer

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14 responses to “The Voting

  1. Reblogged this on adrian pym photography and commented:
    Voting is open – who will win?

  2. Nice set of photos. When does voting close?

  3. First choice…… “Tuscany”…. (Mostly because I’m an aerial photographer and this is “leading line” leads you to the mansion/house.)
    Second choice…. “Spiral” …..( I’ve got almost an identical image from a lighthouse at Hunting Island LIghthouse in South Carolina)

  4. Yes, it is very difficult indeed, but I voted. 🙂

  5. Vote cast, I’ve gone for one of the mono shots. Congrats to all finalists.

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  7. Reblogged this on Through My Lens and commented:
    Time to vote.

  8. Difficult one to judge, Such variety and a lot of different interpretations of Lead in Lines

  9. Reblogged this on 'Moments in Time' and commented:
    I have been shortlisted to the final 10 in The Digital Lightroom ‘Leading Lines’ competition with my entry ‘Girl With the Red Hair’ Please stop by and take a kook at the entries and vote. Thank you 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on burnt embers and commented:
    I have a photo short-listed at The Digital Lightroom. I won’t say which is mine, but will urge all my readers to check out the link and vote on your favourite shot.
    These ‘competitions’ serve useful purposes and I think it is good to encourage them by participating.

  11. Thanks for sharing this with me … done my voting now. Beautiful photos – not easy to chose one.

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