Lead In Lines

With the theme for the 5th DLR Photography Competition, we’re focusing very much on composition.  In my opinion, composition should be at the heart of every image we take but here we’re concentrating on just one, very effective aspect, lead in lines.  Composition is what makes the image work and the viewing experience pleasurable.

Lead in lines (or leading lines) are lines, or shapes, colours or even textures that are positioned (composed) in such a way that they lead the viewer’s eye into and around the image.

The image below is of the Echo Building in Liverpool.  The extreme use of lines in this image drags the viewer into the picture; the handrail drawing from bottom right to the middle of the image, complimented by the brick path and textured wall all following the same curves into the picture.  Then the eye is drawn up into the picture by the vertical poles and immediately left to the once again complimentary curves of the building.

The choice of black and white for this image was deliberate given the strong lines and complimentary panels of texture.


Lead in lines do not have to be as bold or as literal as in this image, and subtle lines can have an equally strong, subconscious effect upon the viewer.  Take the following image of Snowdonia, taken from The Cobb at Porthmadog North Wales.


This landscape shot has subtle lines leading the viewer into the image.  The water of the Glaslyn Estuary narrows towards the centre of the image drawing the eye to the horizon where the mountains converge.  The reflections of the clouds wind in to the central part of the image and converge with the golden brown tones of the land.

So when considering composition look for natural or man-made lines that can add depth to your image and bring the viewer in and around the subject of the image.

Lead in lines do not have to be straight or obvious, so get out and look for the “lead in lines”, shapes, colours or even textures that add that extra impact to your images, and think COMPOSITION.

Really looking forward to the potentially wide range of images that are entered for this round, probably the least restrictive of all the rounds so far in terms of theme.

Closing date for entries is the 29th August.  Please be sure to read the submission guidelines and rules before submitting your entries.

Adrian Pym


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7 responses to “Lead In Lines

  1. As I said on the other blog, the black and white image is the quintessential example of the principle. The lake is a more subtle, but equally effective, example. Beautiful images both. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on iPhone Photographer and commented:
    I’ve been a little too busy this week to blog or take photos. I had to make a run down to the central coast for a few days. I caught a few sunsets at the beach, but couldn’t bring myself to shoot.
    Anyways, here is a photo competition with a great prize, the complete Topaz Collection. Start looking for those leading lines 🙂

  3. andrea

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