With just two weeks to go in the DLR ‘Urban Landscape’ competition I thought I’d better just mention the prizes.

For the winning photograph, we have a copy of Topaz DeNoise, Topaz ReMask and a copy of Topaz Clarity to award.

The three runners-up in the competition will also each receive a copy of Topaz Clarity.


Clarity uses cutting edge intelligent contrast technology to create beautiful photographs completely naturally.

Here’s an example where I just used Clarity to process a photograph from RAW to finished picture in just a few clicks. Living in a very rural environment, I don’t have anything to offer on the Urban Landscape theme but here’s one from the beach…


Clarity Before50px SpacerAnd after a few clicks in Clarity..

Clarity After

Giving you the ability to micromanage contrast, Topaz Clarity can really make your photographs come alive and is a brilliant addition to the processing kit bag.  I’ll be doing a quick tutorial on using Clarity, demonstrating some of its features and showing you just how easy is to use very soon.  In the meantime, if you just want to dive in a give the program a try, you can get a free trial of Clarity here.

Send us your entries to be in with a chance to win a copy of this excellent software. Remember, the theme is Urban Landscape.

You can read the submission guidelines and the rules of the competition here.  The closing date is Friday, June 28th.  We look forward to seeing your entries!

Adrian Theze (AKA Chillbrook)

Cornwall Photographic long



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