Still Life Competition Shortlist – Day Two

All this week we will be posting the shortlisted pictures in the Still Life DLR Photography Competition.  We have shortlisted 10 pictures and on Saturday, these 10 pictures will be posted again with the opportunity for everyone to vote for the photograph they feel deserves the top prize. The shortlist is in no particular order…

Delicious Peas by Helen Boulton

03 DSC_0043-1 fr

The Love of Photography by Angi Murray

04 The Love of Photography frLike us on Facebook1290341182_topazlabs tall


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14 responses to “Still Life Competition Shortlist – Day Two

  1. I can see that a lot of thought and planning has gone into “The Love of Photography”. The filter, the photography related text . Great shot.

  2. I love both of these for very different reasons..

  3. I especially like the Photo with the book!

  4. So with “The Love of Photography” isn’t exactly photography, its more “digital art”and it seems to directly violate one of guidelines in submissions:

    “The competition is aimed at the digital photographer, rather than digital artist or graphic designer and whilst post capture processing is expected in the case of RAW files, excessive / unnecessary or unrealistic ‘Photoshopping’ of an image is not permitted.”

    • The theme of this competition is Still Life. It is expected that the photographer would arrange objects and light them in a particular way to create the photograph. See our post on Constructing a Still Life here.
      This is a photograph. We take digital art to mean images created and manipulated on a computer and a program like Photoshop not images created by arranging objects in the real world, lighting them in a certain way and then photographing them. It therefore does not violate the competition rules.

      • You’re right I’ve seen the image all over the web and should’ve done a google search (like I did now) as there are dozens of tutorials. I feel slightly embarrassed, but everytime I saw it posted I assumed digital manipulation was involved

  5. Shivani Panchmatia

    the shot with the book is lovely

  6. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to make a comment here, hoping it won’t go against my being shortlisted, but I feel I need to confirm that the photograph has only been changed in one aspect and that it was taken in colour but converted to black and white as I felt it looked more dramatic. I don’t own any software such as Photoshop. The photograph was taken in my kitchen using an encyclopedia, a camera filter and a torch. Angi

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