Introducing our Guest Judge

For the Digital Lightroom Still Life Competition and for all future competitions, we will be inviting a guest judge to take on the difficult task of going through all the entries and coming up with a shortlist that will then be put to the public vote.

We are very pleased to announce that Otto Von Munchow has agreed to take on the challenge for the Still Life competition.  Otto’s work is rooted in the documentary and photojournalistic tradition and he has many years experience as a professional photographer.

Øystein Mikalsen og Otto von Münchow på plass i en saharawi flyktningeleirOtto (on the right) on assignment in the Western Sahara with his colleague, writer Øystein Mikalsen

Otto is based in Bergen, Norway and also works out of Seattle, USA. He has a special love for Cuba and has visited many times since 1991 seeing Cuba as a lovely and very special country to visit and photograph.

"El Norte" Nuñez med sin onkel på et av jordene deresCuba – October 2012

Otto’s photographs have been published in all major Norwegian papers and magazines, as well as internationally in magazines like Stern, Spiegel, the Air France Inflight Magazine and Facts. He attended the documentary and photojournalistic program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 1989. During the program he was an intern for Mary Ellen Mark.

Munchow_1524-2281Western Sahara – May 2012

Otto teaches workshops with a focus on creativity and the expansion of one’s creative approach. It is his interest in the creative process that provides much of the subject matter for his blog – Munchow’s Creative Photo Blog  Otto has taught workshops in Cuba, Malawi, Bolivia and many in Norway and runs Blue Hour Photo Workshops offering photography workshops for photographers at all levels.

We’re honoured to have him on board.

Kvinner sammen med barna sine gjør klar den tørkede maisenMalawi – April 2009

Closing date for entries in the competition a week today, May 17th



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9 responses to “Introducing our Guest Judge

  1. As an avid admirer and follower of Otto’s work, I can only say that you have obtained the services of a superb photographer and teacher.

  2. I am very much enjoying the direction you’re taking here. Judging photography is such a subjective exercise that I think it’s a great idea to have differing views. It’s good to see this site developing into a good place to showcase the wonderful group of photographers we have here at WordPress. Wishing you continued success.

  3. Follow Otto on her blog and the work is to learn and breathe art.

  4. Great idea and what a perfect first guest judge since I’m familiar with his work 🙂 You guys are taking this in the right direction, all the best.

  5. Thanks for liking my post, “Food photography — Is it deceptively good?”!

  6. if the photos above are anything to go by I stillhave a lot to learn!

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