The Polls Are Open

These are the 10 shortlisted pictures in the DLR Movement and Motion Photography Competition once again.  The response has been fantastic and it was a very tough job to choose just 10 images from all those entered.  You now have an even tougher job to choose just one image from the 10 excellent photographs listed below.

A quick note, this competition was started because we wanted to celebrate the excellent photography we all see here on a daily basis here at WordPress.  We didn’t want the competition to be about the blog or the blogger, a popularity contest in other words.  We want the competition to be purely about the photographs and we hope that you will vote with this ideal in mind.

The Photographs are listed in no particular order, post your vote carefully.

Hang Time by Gracie Binoya

Hang Time - Gracie Binoya fr

Woven Water by Andy Hooker

Woven Water - Andy Hooker fr

Steaming Round The Bend by Helen Cherry

Steaming round the Bend - Helen Cherry fr

Vroom Vroom by Anette Hermann

Vroom Vroom - Anette Hermann fr

Silver Arrow by Pascal Tran

Silver Arrow - Pascal Tran fr

Tree Swallow by Emilio D’alise

Tree Swallow - Emilio D'alise fr

Point of Entry by Vincent Choong

Point of Entry - Vincent Choong fr

Dandelion Fountain – Norma Martiri

Dandelion Fountain - Norma Martiri fr

Lock Gate by David Hall

Lock Gate - David Hall fr

It Takes Two – John Smith


The results of this poll will be published on Saturday 4th May when we will launch next DLR competition. The best of luck to all the entrants!

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21 responses to “The Polls Are Open

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    Your chance to vote…..

  2. paulscribbles

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    This has been a very high standard of entries for the Digital Lightroom Photography contest ‘Movement and Motion’ Drop in and make your vote count. Later on I’ll blog about my disastrous entry to this contest to give you all a giggle.

  3. Difficult to pick just one, but done! Good luck everyone 🙂


    Fabulous photos and Challenge !

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    I am very fortunate and privileged to have an image shortlisted in the Movement and Motion Competition run by The Digital Darkroom. If you like my image – second in the listing in the Post – then do please cast your vote. Many thanks.

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  7. So, apparently feedback is desired. I am reluctant to do so, but as I expect feedback, I guess it’s only fair I should provide my own.

    Let me stress the following is not an indication on the quality of the photos themselves, as I think all of them are excellent. However, with the mind to people wanting feedback, or even just opinions, here are mine. Also keep in mind the the competition is of Movement and Motion. The notion of it is subject to each person’s interpretation . . .

    . . . there are a few ways to depict motion in photography, and the above entries spans the ones I am aware of. Personally, I feel some are better than others at expressing motion, and my own entry reflected a perception I had which has now been supplanted by another. Meaning I did not have a photo which fully matched what I interpreted as Movement and Motion, but I recognized it immediately when I saw it.

    “Hang Time”, “Silver Arrow”, “Tree Swallows”. and “Point of Entry” capture a moment (instant) of the (implied) motion. In other words, motion is implied by either the position of the subject, or familiarity with the subject and the physical laws governing out universe. Good that, and, as I said, I too saw that as a good approach.

    “Vroom Vroom” has what to me is contradictory motion (streaking in the back, and zoom-out from the subject), so while I like the effect, my engineering mind refuses to “see” motion in the photo.

    I love the contrast of the “Lock Gate” texture to the fluidity of the water, but there too I don’t see motion. I see the gate it self as the subject, and hence it’s more about the gate impeding motion.

    “Steaming Round the Bend”. This would have placed first in my ranking but for two factors. One, the motion seemed to be centralized at the leaves just to the left of the photo. Second, the smoke seems out of place, hanging there next to the locomotive. My limited imagination is probably wrong, but I would have assumed the locomotive to be in complete focus, and everything else a curved streak (much like the ground). Again, you need to understand the analytical portion of my mind, and make excuses for it. I do. Regardless, the depiction of motion is strong with this photo, making up for what I consider to be technical shortcomings.

    That leaves three tough choices.

    Despite its beauty, I have to go with stylized “It Takes Two” for third place. It would have places higher in my judgment were it not for the almost surreal look of this beautiful photo. The fact the subjects are almost lost to the blur makes it, to my mind, more of an abstract representation of patterns. A beautiful, beautiful representation of patterns.

    Second place I give to “Woven Water”. I think this is a very beautiful photo as well, but it too falls a tad short (in my mind) to depicting motion. Again, for me it falls more into the category of representing patterns, with motion as a secondary theme.

    Which leaves Dandelion Fountain to place first in my ranking (I stress I am not a judge, and I’m only expressing an opinion). The spray of the water, the conversion to B&W, and the fact it elicits memories of similar fountains, all combine to give it, for me, the impression of lots of motion, in all sorts of directions.

    Again, and with great emphasis, I remind everyone these are my opinions, and only presented here as constructive input to what I think are all excellent photographs.

    I don’t envy the job of the judges, and wish them, and all contestants, the best, and hope that first and foremost everyone has had a good time with this contest.

  8. victoriaaphotography

    Sooooo difficult – this one!
    There’s about 4 images which deserve first place, but I guess we’ve got to narrow it down to one.
    So I did.

  9. I’ve voted. For me it was difficult to choose between my top 3.

  10. Hang time is a class above the rest in my opinion 🙂 Good luck to all.


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  13. Reblogged this on Scott Marshall Photography (@skm1963) and commented:
    the Polls are open – why not take a look and vote – I selected several of the images – enjoy

  14. WOW
    great shots…
    this dynamic … great!!!

  15. So many here deserve first place – very hard choice! But in the end I made mine and voted. But – congratulations to all of you – you have done a really brilliant job – !!!

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  17. meredith

    what a rush… what a privilege to see.
    thank you.

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