Guest Post – Camilla Lee Second Prize Winner in the First DLR Competition

I started blogging and taking pictures in July 2012.  I’m a total beginner and when I was encouraged to enter the Digital Lightroom Photo Competition I visited the site.  I looked at the photos taken by the judges the submission guidelines and what the judges would be looking for and I just thought that it was all way beyond me at the moment.

A week later I posted a spring picture on my blog.  One of the judges commented and said that I should enter the competition.  The closing date was the following day.  I recalled the list of submission guidelines and hesitated but then I thought ‘why not? I’m sure I can work through the submission requirements and so what if the judges laugh at my amateur spring flowers, at least I’d tried.’ I googled how to resize a picture as I wasn’t sure about that bit and managed to get my picture in the requested format and emailed it to the Digital Lightroom.

A few weeks later I was browsing through the blogs I follow, the Digital Ligthroom being one of them, and there was my photograph. It’d been published as one of the shortlisted pictures.  I couldn’t believe it.  When I saw the other images, they all looked so good, I was so surprised that my picture of the snowdrops was there with them and that people would get the chance to vote for it.

When the results were announced Mike Fiveson’s picture had won and my picture had come second! Yay!

I won a copy of Topaz Labs Adjust.  I hadn’t heard of this software before. I received a nice email from Topaz Labs with instructions on how to download and license my prize.  Once it was installed, I started playing with it and discovered it’s really fun.  I hadn’t spent much time with photo editing before and had never used filters or any of the cool stuff that was now available to me.  I’ve included a picture I took a few days ago and a version after I’d edited it with Topaz Adjust.  Needless to say, I’m very glad I entered the competition.  If you’re not sure about entering any future competitions, don’t think that your pictures aren’t good enough, just go for it!!

This was my original picture..


This was after applying some filters in Topaz Adjust.  I’m really pleased with the results and as I said, it is really fun playing with the software.



Thanks for coming back and guest posting for us Camilla.  Obviously we didn’t laugh st Camilla’s amateur spring flowers as she put it.  It was a very nicely composed image.  You can see more of Camilla’s work here

The idea behind this project is to celebrate the photography we see visiting your blogs every day.  By submitting a photo, you will receive the recognition of your peers, gain great exposure for your blog and receive one of Topaz’s excellent photo processing packages if you win.  Whatever your perceived skill level, it’s always worth having a go as Camilla’s story highlights.

The theme this time is ‘Movement and Motion’.  You can see a summary of the submission guidelines here and the detailed rules of the competition here.

Take Camilla’s advice, just go for it!! We look forward to seeing your work!

The Digital Lightroom Team.


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7 responses to “Guest Post – Camilla Lee Second Prize Winner in the First DLR Competition

  1. Reblogged this on adrianpym and commented:
    “Just go for it” as Camilla says

  2. Encouraging advice! Thank you. I enjoy looking at all your photos. What a spectacular result in your second photo, using the Topaz Lens Effects. Very cool!

  3. Congratulations Camilla, so well deserved! I love seeing the before and after effects here. What a difference!

  4. Congratulation! And it is a picture well worth being shown!

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