Movement and Motion

The theme for the next Digital Lightroom photo competition has been announced – Movement and Motion.

So how do you capture movement and motion in still photography?

1.  Find a subject that moves, is moving, or that strongly suggests movement

2.  Compose the image to highlight that movement – It’s important that your moving subject has space in the photograph to move into.

3.  Use motion blur creatively to show the movement – use panning technique to follow a speeding car, blurring the background, or slow the shutter speed to capture motion blur in the subject or maybe combine the two.

These techniques, if you haven’t tried them before, can be very rewarding but can also take a bit of planning and practice.  I spent a day at a local race meeting pointing my camera at the cars and experimenting with the various techniques and out of the numerous images I took, some worked well and others didn’t!  Practice practice practice!

Other subjects that could be used to show movement and motion might include the gently swaying branches of a tree, the ebb and flow of the tide, people rushing about the shopping mall, waterfalls, car headlights at night to name just a few.

Planning, for any photography assignment, including entering competitions, is key.  Start by googling “Movement and motion in photography” and you’ll see a vast array of images for inspiration.

Finally, I leave you with one of my own images of movement and motion taken at the Donnington Park Racing Circuit.  The background blur and blurred wheels come from a combination of panning (following the car with the lens as the image is captured) and slowing down the shutter speed.  Compositionally the car is a little too central; had the car been closer to the left hand side of the image it would give a sense of space to the right into which the car is moving.

Chillbrook will be posting later in the week with more specific detail on panning technique.

Hope this gives some inspiration to enter this competition.

Motion Blur

Adrian Pym



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12 responses to “Movement and Motion

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    The theme is movement and motion…..

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    An interesting article..

  3. This is different!!! Good to practice different techniques!!

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  5. One question. It is valid for a competition to present a modified photograph with photoshop?
    Thanks and regards.

  6. There is so much power in this photografie

  7. I can’t see a closing date for submissions.. have I missed it?

  8. paulscribbles

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    I’ve been away and so missed out on the earlier call but I have submitted entries for this. Still time for you to do so too.

  9. paulscribbles

    Submitted and re blogged…just in time 😉

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