Launched Today – The Second DLR Photo Competition!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second Digital Lightroom Photography Competition.  The purpose of this competition is to celebrate photography. We’re not interested in the equipment you own but your eye for a photograph. It’s all about the pictures.

We have 3 great prizes on offer from our sponsors at Topaz Labs.

First Prize


Topaz Lens Effects brings all of your camera lenses and filters (and even those you don’t have yet) together in a powerful and easy-to-use plug-in, eliminating the need for additional and expensive equipment, while providing unparalleled editing flexibility. The diverse range of effects made possible by virtual simulation of common lenses, filters and specialty cameras make it easier than ever to change or emphasize focal points, adjust depth-of-field, add vignettes, balance color tone, create miniature scenes and so much more.

Second Prize


Create rich and dynamic images full of compelling tone and detail with this all-in-one solution for professional black and white photos.  Use over two hundred beautiful 1-click effects, a finely tuned B&W conversion engine, unique creative processing, selective adjustment brushes, and pixel-perfect grain reproduction to enhance your art.  Make your photos perfect with the most powerful B&W software available.

Third Prize


Topaz Detail puts unique detailing capabilities right at your fingertips. Built with one-of-a-kind technology, this plug-in is invaluable for photographers who want precise and intricate detailing abilities that will help achieve high-quality enhancements. The advanced power of Topaz Detail offers attention to detail like no other breaking down an image into three levels of internal detail separation and three levels of tone separation. What makes Topaz Detail stand apart from other detailing tools is the flexibility and control that allows you to selectively enhance or remove detail throughout your image without the side effects of halos or artifacts.

Competition Details

The theme for the competition is Movement and Motion.

The photographs entered in the competition will be judged by a panel of experienced photographers who will choose a shortlist of  ten photographs.  This shortlist will go to a WordPress community vote.

All entries should be received by Friday, 19th of April. That gives you two full weeks to get out there and start taking pictures. The shortlisted photographs will be posted here, on this blog, for the voting to take place.

The winners of the last DLR competition will be guest posting in the coming week and we’ll be posting some articles to help get you started with the theme this time.  We will also post a collection of entries as they come in so be sure to add The Digital Lightroom to the list of blogs that you follow.

Entries should be emailed to –

It’s very important that you add ‘Photo Submission’ to the subject field of your email and that you include a title for your picture, your name and your blog/website address if you have one, in the body of the email.  You can see a more detailed list of rules here.

Good Luck!

The Digital Lightroom Team




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24 responses to “Launched Today – The Second DLR Photo Competition!

  1. Reblogged this on Cornwall – A Photographic Journey and commented:
    I’d like to encourage everyone to enter the competition. I wish I could but as I’m one of the judges I guess I’m excluded.. 😉

  2. Those prizes sound really great, Adrian. What a pity you can’t enter. 😀

  3. Reblogged this on adrianpym and commented:
    More prizes – more reason to enter! Lets see those pictures!

  4. Looks very interesting thanks Adrian.

  5. Reblogged this on Scott Marshall Photography (@skm1963) and commented:
    Here we go lady’s and gents – competition No2 – more prizes – YES – but you wont enter simply for a prize – you will enter for the recognition of your peers -or simply to share a gorgeous experience – so lets see your entries pour in – The Digital Lightroom Team

  6. Reblogged this on El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo and commented:
    Another great competition on The Digital Lightroom with great prizes!
    Looking forward to new submissions…
    Good luck,

  7. Do the photos have to have been taken during this entry time, or can they have been taken some time in the past?

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  9. This seems presumptuous to ask, but . . . assuming I manage to win something, can I transfer it to someone else? The reason is that I own the suite, and any one of these would be superfluous.

    Just wondering.

  10. Reblogged this on Dervish Images and commented:
    Great competition being run, well worth a look.

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  14. I look forward to a time when my photos will be good enough to enter a competition such as this. Can’t wait to see the entries 🙂

    • Art is subjective . . . a cursory look at your photos, and I would say the time is here.

      Besides, judges are notoriously fickle (like most people), and what they may like one day, may leave them cold the next. What one judge may like, another will hate. Plus, something happens when one is asked to judge . . . they feel as if they have to “step up”, and that usually imbues them with the ability to see beyond the obvious, to discern the very spirit of the photograph, and as that spirit is a reflection of the photographer, they will see the mettle of the photographer as well. The reason you snapped a particular photo, the vision you had for the finished product, the emotion that is tied up into showing it to others (after all, you post them on your blog), all that they will see.

      Were it not so, we would all agree on one photograph being the best, and all the photographs would look the same as that one photograph. Pick one (or three), and put them up. There is no entry fee, it only takes a few minutes, and you might be surprised.

      Now, granted, judges are notoriously fickle, but sometimes fickle can swing your way.

      Enter. Enter now.

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