Vertical Panning Technique by Mark Simms

If you fancy trying something a little different that pushes the creative possibilities of photography, without resorting to fancy Photoshop magic, then why don’t you try your hand at some vertical panning. I first came across this technique in an edition of “Practical Photography Magazine” a number of months ago.

It’s really very simple. Whilst the shutter is open you slowly move the camera up or down in a steady vertical motion. Because the movement of the camera is vertical I think this works best with tall vertical subjects – hence the reason for choosing trees as my subject in the shot below:

Winter Woods For this image I used a shutter speed of 0.8s and to get this in daylight hours (even in a wood with mid-winter light) I was working with an aperture of F22 and an ISO of 100. I’m not saying these are necessarily the best settings – when attempting something abstract like this its very much a case of trial and error – but I think this image works well. Of course the speed in which you move the camera up/down also has a major impact on the outcome.

Because of the arty, almost paint-like feel of the resulting image, I felt I had scope for pushing the post-processing more aggressively than I would normally…..I have to say that I really enjoyed the creative freedom that this allowed.

I’m really pleased with this shot – I especially like the ghostly, ethereal quality of the
finished image.

If you want to see some more examples of this technique then please just follow the
links below:

Ghost Forest

Winter Woods In Abstract

You can see more of my work at

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